International Union of Socialist Youth

The International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) is an international organization, founded in 1907, whose activities include publications, support of member organizations and the organization of meetings. It was formed as the youth wing of the Second International under the name Socialist Youth International. IUSY now has 145 member organisations – including 122 full members and 23 observer members – from 106 countries. IUSY gained status as an international youth NGO with UN ECOSOC consultative status in 1993.

IUSY’s main field of activity is in the promotion of democracy, human rights, and youth policy. IUSY works by engaging international institutions, such as the Council of Europe, United Nations, Socialist International, European Youth Forum, and others, and directly targeting policy makers and media representatives at an international level to advocate for equal opportunities and the right to social and political participation for youth all over the world. Furthermore, IUSY trains activists at the grassroots level in the international political debate and policy development by organizing conferences and supporting political campaigns and initiatives on a regional and global level.

IUSY works to strengthen its member organizations by providing a broad network of support and facilitating educational workshops and training seminars, aimed at increasing their capacity to fight for political change in their respective countries.

The IUSY Congress is the highest decision-making body within the organization. It elects the President, the Secretary General, the Presidium and the Control Commission. The IUSY Congress and IUSY Council take place every second year on an alternating basis. The IUSY coordinates its activities on two levels – regional and global.

The global Presidium is composed of the President, the Secretary General and 19 Vice-Presidents, who meet regularly to discuss and develop policy.

The IUSY has five regional committees – American, African, Asian-Pacific, European, and Mediterranean – that meet annually. Also, IUSY has two permanent working groups – Feminism and LGBT – that deal with issues involving those specific themes.

The IUSY Secretariat, led by the Secretary General, organizes all activities and is responsible for finances, communication, and the daily work of the organization. IUSY’s working languages are English, French, and Spanish.

The IUSY World Festival brings together activists and is organized approximately every two or three years.